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2022 Design Trends, The Sneak Peek!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

I cannot believe that I have been researching the upcoming design trends for 2022, where has the last year gone. The last two years even! The pandemic has brought a new lease on life for everyone and because trends are born due to a reaction to the environment around us it is a given that it affected the way we live and how we look at our homes.

Now we are focusing on creating rooms that are cozy and comfortable, giving us the sense of a warm and safe space of our own in a world full of uncertainty. In styling our homes we like the comfort of tried, true and beautiful, so we are leaning towards more traditional classic designs that give us those warm and fuzzy feelings that have been non-existent over the last 18 months.

So what are the specific trends we seeing pop us for 2022? First and foremost I feel that I should define the word "trend" as in the design world I see a couple of different variations, there are megatrends, macrotrends, and microtrends, and these are extremelyimportant to differentiate.

Megatrends - These are trends that are around for the long haul, the ones that we will see for decades.

Macrotrends - These trends have massive staying power and gain interest and popularity fast. These trends are often pushed to the forefront of design visibility and can last up to a decade, and even when their popularity wains these trends do have some longevity as they trail off. Think of the recent farmhouse boom of the past few years.

Microtrends - These are quite simply fads. They gain huge interest quickly and become wildly popular however these trends only seem to be in style for a few months to a few years and fade as the next microtrend becomes popular. These trends time stamp our homes, which can make them look dated. As an example those glass brick interior walls that just scream 1980's.

Ok so now that we have an understanding of the basics of trends, let's see what we can expect to see in the upcoming year.


Although not everyone has released their 2022 colour of the year yet, from the ones that have done so the prominent theme we are seeing are shades of green. These green shades go from one spectrum to another, from Behr Paints Breezeway which is a light and bright sea glass shade of green to Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog which is a more muted darker grey-green hue. So whether you want an airy feel or a more dramatic sophisticated wash of colour, there is going to be the perfect green colour out there for you.


The wallpaper trend may have started a few years ago but in 2022 we are expecting wallcoverings (wallpaper, decals, etc) to become one of the biggest trends of the year. These wallcoverings aren't the same as those that hung in your grandparent's house, nowadays wallcoverings are usually made with non-woven materials making them substantially easier to apply, kinder on the environment, and can be removed without being damaging to your walls. The patterns have changed as well, long gone are the satin-looking floral prints, we now have more modern-looking prints and textures. So if you are looking for a pop of colour, a bold statement wall, a luxurious texture, or something simple and subtle there is going to be a wallpaper out there that's just for you.


We are seeing a resurgence in the styles that were popular in the 1970s. From lots of curved, soft lines to the use of sustainable natural materials, the bohemian age is back in full force. There are many ways to embrace this design trend, from finding texture with fringed rugs or hanging baskets and macrame as your wall art, to rounded-shaped furniture in luxurious fabrics such as velvet. Furniture or decor made from rattan lends to a laid-back, easy-going vibe that is very on-trend, so now may be time to "shop" in your parent's or grandparent's basement for some authentic pieces.


We aren't talking about complete minimalism here, but more about minimal decoration and furniture use, the old less is more adage. We have spent the past almost 2 years yearning for space and freedom so this trend allows us to use modern and relevant solutions of reasonable consumption (reducing impulse purchases etc) that allows the presence of air and space to flow freely around our homes, giving us the illusion of more space than we have.


The pandemic has shown us the paramount significance of the functionality of our spaces. Our homes became so much more than just our house, they became our workspaces, our schools, our gyms amongst other things, the purpose of our homes expanded dramatically, and more often than not the load of these new spaces fell onto our living rooms and kitchens. The alignment of space in our home has become crucial, not only are we trying to combine rooms but we are also trying to preserve privacy in these spaces so we are seeing an increase in the use of partitions, whether they be more permanent structures such as doors or walls, or simpler elements in the form of curtains or privacy screens, these allow you to transform the room at any time. There has also been an uptick in renovations to build home gyms or home offices but if there is no budget or space to complete a renovation there is always an option to try rearranging existing furniture, is there a way to move things around that would allow a little extra space where one could put a small desk and chair or a spot to put a small stationary bike? I think you could be pleasantly surprised.


As this year comes to a close we will continue to see more trends for the 2022 year emerge so keep your eyes on this space as I will keep you updated on what I discover. In a nutshell, what I am seeing is a real effort to keeping things classic, those tried and true designs that give us a sense of comfort and peace. 2022 will be a year for keeping things timeless.

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